Lessons from Mistakes

The Kenya Society

The essence of mistakes is to learn, but acknowledging the learning process is something I have not analyzed. The emotional hurdles that come along with mistakes, the learning curve is the realisation that; a mistake is an experiment run for too long.
The definition of an experiment in this context is the action of cognitive bias and the security of not experimenting on new things, a safety net.

For the past few months, I have been learning lessons I quite frankly felt ill prepared for. Today, I read a quote that stated you are never ready, and there is no better time than today. Acting this, I've started posting my thoughts on Instagram for the blog and decided that I must make it priority to stick with this blog. For so long, I did not want to share thoughts on society, so I may remain neutral. Often I've had thoughts of future consequences for sharing my thoughts, that some may taint my image. I now see how wrong I was, regardless of how neutral I remain on social media, not all may agree that those thoughts are diplomatic.
I have also learned that not all mistakes have to be made by me. You can gain from others' mistakes, this is probably the best kind of mistake, if there is such a thing.

Do whats difficult when it's easy - Loa Tzu. Plan for different eventualities before they happen, do not wait for things to happen to react. One of my plans is to make war with a multitude of councillors - I can learn best how to navigate through the complexities of life this way.

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