Hair: The Female Body

Photo's taken at African Film Festival London held every year in Peckham.

The Body is not a thing, it is a situation: it is our grasp on the world and our sketch of our project - Simon de Beauvioir. 

We were driving to The Orange Tree, I was becoming bored with this routine. I busied myself by perusing through my Instagram account, it's teaming full of spiritually aware folks that inspire me. I halted at a photo of woman with hairy armpits, I was so proud. Armed with a new discussion topic, I was quick to show him the photograph, his face said it all. He was disgusted, said that it was 
"shameful, a very unfeminine thing". 

I asked him who signed the consensus that women must be hair free, that beauty resides in plucked, shaven and shaped pubic hair. 

He found my questions humorous, I envisioned him patting my wig bouncy as I'd delicately stuffed my Afro inside it but moments ago when I heard the honk of his car sound. I found his humour patronising. He mused himself some more and told me that were it me, he could attempt to bare it because he thought me beautiful. I scoffed at his remark. 

Why must you bare it? It's natural. Oh! What heavy cross you carry; please sir, lay down your burden and cast thy fears onto the Lord for he shall provide soft and tantalising manner I said. 

He told me I was funny, I told him I was hairy. 

He told me to stop. I smiled at him, "it's everywhere" I said in a whisper tone with raised eyebrows.

He fell silent and continued parking with anew focus. 

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