Fearful Hindrances From Moving to The Next Level

1) Undeserving
'I do not deserve the good measure that flows through success'. This often comes from what people say to you or about you. They have programmed you to see yourself in a limited parameters so when you see opportunities beyond what you've been programmed you reject it because you don't feel like you're worthy (deserving) of it. 

2) Ordinary
'I do not want to stand out, I want to fit in'; because some people have the beliefs system of staying ordinary, they do not want to take the lead. They don't want to be targeted. If you take the lead you will become a target, but just because they are shooting at you doesn't mean they shot you. Sometimes you should rejoice that someone has emptied out their quiver of arrows shooting at you and you are still here. And that person who didn't have the courage to do what you did -does not recognise that. Because of your faith and conviction you have been able to pass through the arrows shot at you and SURVIVE. You have to have courage to do so, and let go of fear. You have to be able to see arrows zinging by you, people hating on you and controversy rising all around you.

 3) Social
Not wanting to be rejected by your sociological environment. Watch out for "we's". Because people will control you with the 'we', and you will miss your opportunity at what maybe the best for you because of the 'we'. By trying to be loyal to the "we".

 4) Fleeting
Being afraid that you're success will not last. You have a fear that the blessing is fleeting, so you will not go out and cast you're net again because you have programmed yourself that nothing exiting is ever going to happen to you again.

 5) Perfectionism
I will have to pretend to be perfect but I am not. I know I have imperfections so I do not want to get into the light because someone might see them. So you are going to be secretly talented, locking your treasure inside you because you are imprisoned by your imperfections. And you don't want anybody to know that you aren't perfect, though you are good at this and that. Someone once said; 'I reject the opportunity to be blessed because I know something about myself that I don't want anybody else to know, and I am more concerned about the security of my secret than my progress'. You don't give the person a chance to accept you because you have already criticised yourself. You know exactly what to do to move up to the next level but you don't want to because you have issues. EVERYONE has issues. If you're waiting to clean out all you're issues before you drive forward, you might become stuck twenty years cleaning it out.

6) Besiegement
People will put pressure on you to stay low and all of a sudden you are afraid they are going to demand things from you. I will be besieged by all the people wanting things from me. And it is true that when you go up there are a great deal of people that associate with you because of where you are not who you are. The pressure is so great.
 When you first start going up amongst people who haven't gone up, they have a tendency to start acting like crabs in a barrel.
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