Post Card from 2014

Phil and I were invited to a pageant, I was sure Tanya would get a crown.
Joice Etutu(Miss Congo)- from Blue Feather post while I was the backstage photographer
Angela's Capsule , David Nyanzi and I in Shoreditch - see Angela's post
Shedding old scales. Self portrait - edited by Samia
Cecile Emeke, my favorite work of hers so far. We met at the African Film Festival

This year I have marveled at the young woman I am becoming. My personal and spiritual growth has, in a dale of limpid viridescent sky, cultivated and entwined itself to my character. 

Some of my favorite things/moments have been, meeting creatives, becoming a member of groups that aim to preserve the cultural aesthetics of Africa. Meeting beautiful souls. Learning the power between alignment of destiny with a changed mind. Meeting John, a spiritually nurturing & intuitive soul by the pavements below Shoreditch bridge. Loving my self in such a graceful manner. Learning to rebuke negativity and negatively encumbering beings. Realising the value of my time. 
Knowing my spiritual guardian. 

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