She is a river, a beautiful spirit and long after the sun sets, still her smile radiates warmth. Her name is Zaire. She said she wants to spread her wings free, out and away from this city life. Somewhere close to nature, where she can live off the land. I agreed to a similar longing; we do not speak of what we want freedom from, we don't need to. Nature comforts me. I used to like this city because it was busy, signs of life everywhere and at all hours, but I no longer want that noise. She wearing a pink-ish wig fluffed to an Afro, the tourists were taken by her look, stopping to ask her for a photograph. She took me and her friend to an organic cafe for Chai Latte. Every time someone says 'chai' I think of 'tea' as is the definition in Swahili. Chai sounds homely.

This month marked the end of my job, and generally, the end of me seeking employment within the retail (high-street) sector. I've met and made lovely friends but slaving for minimum wage is not something I desire in continuity. As I must work, it should work of value and nourishment for my future. I've decided to go back to Television crew work but I'm also open to Film. I have beautiful and inspiring memories in Television crew, those days were beautiful, it didn't feel like work, I looked forward to filming days. It felt utterly beautiful to experience what it meant to 'love what you do'. I want that experience again.
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