City men pour out and onto the roads as their chatter hums to the low growl of cars gliding by the pavements of Shoreditch. The women, still in their work attires, slowly shifting their weight from one leg to the other; a dance I'm all too familiar with. Those heels have been on for too long! A woman glances at a couple holding hands whilst from a distance, a man swoops his gaze at her cleavage. Something distinct lingers in the air between them; desperation. We walked along and into the maze of streets tucked away and branching off Shoreditch high-street until we finally reached our destination. We were met with the typically large and tall uncles as bouncers at the entrance. Their lazy compliments were followed by succinct silent inspections of our bodies with their eyes before gesturing to us that it was okay to enter.  

Nessa and I went out last night and well, pictures happened! Strange as it maybe, I actually don't have many Kenyan friends. Nessa came to me through a friend called Adam whom I met very very randomly. We were on the train and he complimented my Afro, me and him have been friends ever since. He told me of another Kenyan girl he'd met only a week before me and thought we'd get along well so he introduced Nessa to me. That is how the story of our friendship began.
We've talked about doing a shoot every week for her fashion blog but with busy schedules between us, I think once every fortnight is more likely. So expect to see more of her beautiful face on the blog a lot more.

You can view her blog 'The Fresh Facade' here.
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