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Never before had I thought of swans as creatures of pride. I have always thought of them as elegant, gentle birds. Perhaps it was just this one in particular, or maybe she wasn't in the mode for food or anything else we tried to coax her into the frame. When we finally gave up, she swam closer towards Nessa; glanced at the food we'd been throwing in the lake and turned around. These past few days have been riddled with a compelling urge to create something beautifully artistic. 

I feel spiritually fulfilled, I have met some wonderful people that have shown me unrestrained kindness, immense patience and love. I'm definitely encouraged to continue on this journey.  I've never found so many good people of faith in one place. I'm oozing with gratitude and I am learning to leaning harder into these moments of joy.

The journey of life is often thwarted with obstacles. Some vary in proportion and length but none the less, we all have them. The very existence of them demands there be a resolve. For too long I used to let myself get caught up in trying to find a resolve that I forgot that all things (good or bad) have an ending.

I have been thinking of changing the layout of my blog but struggling with what purpose I want the design to accomplish; design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way so as best accomplish a purpose. Making a choice for a purpose to communicate something.

Pictures of Nessa - The Fresh Facade


  1. These are wonderful images - the first is particularly arresting. And on the subject of swans, I think that 'proud' is a word I do associate with them. There are several families of swans on a lake near to my home. They are always elegant (except when there's ice - then they waddle awkwardly in an ungainly manner...) but with a sort of untouchable beauty.
    I'm afraid it has taken me nearly a month to thank you for the lovely comment you left on one of my posts, so, thank you!

    1. Thank you Rosalind.
      'Untouchable beauty' is a perfect description for them. Not to worry, I'm sure you've been busy and not to mention that there are probably a-lot of comments so not all can be replied to quickly.