I have been living, for far too long now, as if tomorrow is guaranteed. Most of my actions and reactions are almost always in consideration of a future I know nothing of, aside from the reassurance that; whatever steps I am taking now, those very steps will lead me into something better than the present moment. But sometimes, well most times, I do not stop long enough to realize that this moment, this present moment is also living. I am living in the present which was at one point my future, and if I lived outside of that moment, then what good is it to consistently be striving for better, if when things are, when those moments do arrive, I cannot enjoy them as I'm too focused on what will be. Just a perpetual cycle of expectancy that never truly delivers.
I am not speaking of not having aspirations, just of the importance of being present in the present. This is not to say that I want to adopt a "You Only Live Once" philosophy to justify or validate my choices, goals and aspirations but to say that, showing up and learning to enjoy living in the present can be just as rewarding making plans about what is to come.

I have tried hard, very hard, not to make this blog personal. I thought I would just post photographs that I have taken with a brief description and that would be it. And yes, I find this unsatisfying. My photographs are personal -because they are an expression of me- so therefore this blog is somewhat personal no matter how I try and spin it.So from now on, I am just going to say what I want about my work. For the most part, I know you guys just like looking at the photographs, but it helps if the person that created it says something about their work, just as a point of reference when it comes to relating to the work itself. I created this blog for the purpose of documenting my journey into my long term hobby of photography, so that's what I will be doing from now on; documenting with words as well as the visuals.
Thank you for all those who view my blog, even if its just once in a while, the number of visitors (however much it is) does motivate me to do better, be better with my photography.

Ps. I edited the above photograph when I was half awake, the watermark looked waaay smaller. I'll edit it to be smaller.
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