The story of fate and reality begins in a dark gloomy room. Miles away from home, he lays within an inception of a dream. Memories once old and faded are now more crystal clear than the deep blue sea. Memories? Yes: Ideas, fantasies, emotions, dramatic events and a pursuit for perfection. Looking forwards seems so uncertain and the price of looking back is comparable to a wager so high, the stakes at hand wouldn't just allow for that. Henceforth, he wonders whether the reality of a dream is worth dying for or live it day by day sedated in a limbo of emotions hoping someday it will get better. Decisions, choices, questions to ponder upon, grieve his heart day by day in this decade of a slumber only to be awaken by fate. Is this the reality of things? He wonders. What's next, who's after, what to love over what was loved? He questions. Live and let live or hope and pray the past would change and return to reality? Now that is a huge decision he has to make. Fate and reality? Amazed by the parallel perplexity of the two, it is clear that living for both is NOT a sacrifice one does willingly for the latter to die.
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