Finding Inner Peace

21:22 Eva Kesh 3 Comments

I was on the streets of Camden Town about a week ago when I met Michael. I saw him sitting by the train station, I noticed him but walked passed him and when i came back he was still where I'd left him. As I had my camera with me that day, I asked him if I could photograph him and he kindly agreed. I asked him the reason as to why he was homeless and he said he cant seem to stay in one place for a long time. He told me that he wasn't homeless, he was just searching for inner peace. For some reason I was at once inspired and taken aback. Of all the homeless people I've spoken to so far, his reason is the one that will always stand out the most as it's relatable. Any one of us at some point in our lives have tried seeking what he's after.

After I finished, I asked him if there was anything I could get him -as compensation- and he asked me for a drink. "Coke" he specified. I got him a large bottle of coke and no sooner had I handed it over to him a policeman emerged from the crowd. Seeming to know the protocol, he stood up sharply. They began conversational and the policeman started writing something for him on a piece of paper. A hostel to stay the night I assumed.  Within a few seconds, Michael blended in with the crowd until I couldn't see him anymore.


  1. Very evocative photograph. I hope Micheal will be able to find that inner peace soon.

  2. I think everybody has there own way of finding inner peace, we just have to respect it. I don't think the same story would run here for the homeless because I swear some of them have outrageous reasons for being on the streets because of the ridiculous signs they put up. An example would be something such as " Ninjas killed my family". If they can bring me Sub-zero ( character from Mortal kombat) or the League of shadows ( from Batman) I"ll believe them. By the way, what Camera do you have?

    1. Haaaa! "Ninjas killed my family" you're funny. I understand what you're trying to say though; you cant always trust that what they write is true. I'm not sure why, but I believed him.
      The camera I used was the canon 650D.