Months ago, when I finally decided I would to take my blog seriously, I asked friends of mine if I could photograph them and to my surprise all of them said yes.
So when my friend decided to start her own blog, she wanted pictures to for it she asked if we could do a photo-shoot together. On the day we met-up , we were unsure about a suitable choice of Location as the weather -as is often in London- was miserable. From the shopping center  we diced to get a bus and see if we could spot a scene or place worthy of a background. We tried out a few locations but the cosy Cafe (the name escapes me) by Wilsden Green station seemed the best option. Not to mention they had radiators for people wishing to sit outside.

I was looking through a batch of photographs and something occurred to me; sometimes I don’t take the time to let it sink in that, ever person that requests or asks me to photograph them is actively supporting and encouraging me. Its simple, but I didn't think of it before.

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