A few steps to Happiness

Now and then, everybody feels a chapter of their life has ended and another is about to begin. It's that moment when you analyze the facts, learn the lessons and inherently look forward with optimism. It's in our nature to see the full half of the glass! And that's good! Actually, that's wonderful! Hopes are the engines that keep our airplanes in the air no matter the weather. But what do we seek among so many storms? No doubt, HAPPINESS.

Sometimes, happiness is far away and the journey is long, arduous and filled with difficulties. Other times, we have the impression we are in the middle of the desert with no water in the canteen. And, when we think we have finally got it, it vanishes into thin air. Maybe it's the way life tells everybody 'wonderful' is a synonym of 'fragile.' But apart from that, how could we define it and where could we find it?

Happiness isn't today's headline in the newspaper. From the beginning of humanity ordinary people, poets and great thinkers, have tried to write down a definition. Most certainly, you will say happiness is something that corresponds to a subjective system of values. And, you are right! But I think it should grow roots in objective grounds. 
Right now, you may be chasing a daring goal that will bring something new, something better into your life. In a bustling world where everybody is involved in a continuous competition, we tend to forget about the little things. I am talking about those simple things full of color that are part of who we are. It doesn't matter if you like to plant flowers or paint; it was, is, and always will be great to indulge in relaxing activities.

Comparisons are off the table.
Invariably, we all have the tendency to put ourselves in contrast with the others. We adore highlighting in our minds and, sometimes, out loud the differences between our qualities and those of neighbors, friends and enemies. If I were to ask you, "Do you believe every person is UNIQUE?" the most likely answer would be "Yes!" With all the facts pointing towards us all having uniqueness, why do we waste so much time and energy comparing different persons?

Compromises are part of the deal.
Compromises are never easy and they are very painful, too. But that doesn't minimize the fact they are part of everything. Accepting what you cannot change isn't a failure but an act of wisdom. Of course, you shouldn't fall into the trap of mistaking compromise for sacrifice. A compromise means lowering your expectations not losing self-esteem. If there's no room in the house for an elephant, you don't welcome the elephant in.

Act more than you think.
It isn't a big secret that a sedentary life leads to physical and mental problems. An active behavior is not only the opposite, it's more than that. It's the foundation of success in your career, personal life and everything else.
Moreover, you shouldn't limit yourself to repeating the best experiences you have had, but rather always seek to reinvent yourself. At the end of the day, through acting, you define how much you want something or someone, and what you are willing to do to get it.


Happy Sunday Everyone 

Post from Datingish written by Marius Rizea.
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