Kia is so inspirational as she seems to be doing it all, being a photographer, a blogger, stylist and from time to time models. This week I haven't had a chance to take photographs but I feel inspired just by looking at these pictures. So the end of the week has been a crazy one for many reasons, one for seeing a friend in hospital and the other, the crazy amount of views I am getting on my blog. 
Thank you to all those viewing my blog, whether it's once or your a regular or your simply passing by. Thank you! By far, this is the most successful blog I have ever had. My friend Daisy (currently in Tanzania) seems to think that I won't be able to keep up the blog but me thinks she's wrong. Hmm I think I might get her to take a couple of pictures of the beach for inspiration; I plan on making a visit there before the end of the year finishes. It's exciting to have a place like this blog where I can just express and share a form of art.

Model - Kia Chenelle (her blog ) 

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