At times like this, like tonight, I'm inspired by a peaceful night. The stars swaying a flicker of soft light on the sky and the wind murmuring and whispering through the dead calm night makes me feel at peace.

This week I did a photo shoot that taught me a thing or two about event photography. A learning curve I shall choose to call it. Good lighting and asking acquiring permission prior to the shoot taking place are two important things in event photography. The work I did was not to my satisfaction (for various reasons) and this does not sit well with me, not in the least bit; my dissatisfaction made me realize just how serious I am about creating beautiful works. Especially if I know someone is counting on me to deliver.
Much like last week, I have a backlog of photographs to edit and upload. I’m still trying to create a watermark but for the moment I am relying on metadata (sigh).

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